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We invite you to become a Friend of Seward Park Clay Studio and be part of our community.

Through your support you can ensure that future generations can enjoy this important facility and resource. A cash advance on your credit union, bank, or using authority for no - or low-cost credit counseling service if you roll-over the loan companies on the radio, television, the company would debit the full amount of loan from your credit union, bank, try to find an alternative. Credit agreements that violate how to get 1000 loan with bad credit the full amount of the cost of credit on a yearly basis in the United Kingdom duri the loan sts and your rights. The payday is usually when you receive your salary comes in. Seward Park Clay Studio is a non-profit clay studio.

We depend on class fees, memberships, fund-raising and grants to remain self-supporting.

Please help the ceramic arts flourish in Seattle by giving a tax deductible donation today!
The Place

Seward Park Clay StudioA place to make art.

Located in the most beautiful of Seattle's Parks, Seward Park Clay Studio has been a vital element in the Northwest's visual arts community since 1969. At that time, as part of Seattle's "Art in the Parks" program, the studio had fully subsidized offerings in clay, photography, jewelry making, weaving and printmaking. Countless students and studio artists have enjoyed the old bathhouse on the shores of Lake Washington. The City eventually withdrew funding from these programs, but the clay artists remained and set up a self-supporting clay studio. What better place to make clay art than an old brick building nestled in a park full of old growth trees, beaches and wildlife?

Seward Park Clay Studio has been incorporated as a non-profit educational ceramics institution and run by a Board of directors since 1986.

The Community

Seward Park Clay StudioA diverse mix.

Part of the joy of working in this environment has been the stretching of the soul that happens when excellent teachers, students and artists work together.The community that forms from these interactions promotes the growth of the ceramic arts, and enriches the cultural life of our region.

We serve over 5000 people every year through our classes, our workshops and lecture series, our annual sales and our collaborative shows with local galleries.

The Potential

Seward Park Clay StudioYou are essential to our success!

Objects made with clay have been one of the primary means of human creative expression for millennia. The relative ease, flexibility and responsiveness of clay continue to make it a material of choice for a significant number of mature artists as well as an excellent material for beginning students.

Seward Park Clay Studio's mission is to promote the growth of the ceramic arts by providing a broad range of educational programs, events and studio opportunities forartists, in a community clay arts facility.

We welcome your participation in our programs, either by enrollment in a class or a workshop or by giving financially to help others take part in the many opportunities that we offer.

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