June Lindsey

June Lindsey

Throughout my career of working in clay what has remained constant is an emphasis on earth related forms and subjects: rocks, eggs, fruits, gourds, females and voluptuous round shapes.  I use the texture of rough or jagged clay, stamped or carved designs as the decoration and tint with oxides for minimal color and accent to let the clay itself show through.

Although I began making my ceramic career making functional pottery on the wheel, I now exclusively hand build. I am intrigued with asymmetry and the infinite variety of shapes that coil, slab, carving and pounding can produce.  Most of my work is high fired to cone 10 in a gas kiln.  Occasionally I do raku, saggar, pit firing and low fire oxidation for special effects.

The artistic cultures of many Native Americans have always interested me. Images and designs found in Mayan carvings, Incan architecture, petroglyphs of both the Northwest and Southwest, Northwest Indian carved iconography plus all of their ruins and remnants are the source of my ideas.
Most of my current work is inspired by the artifacts, pottery techniques and vessel shapes of the Indians of the Four Corners. My fascination with the ruins and petroglyphs of the Anasazi led to research and to classes with Pueblo potters.  In my pieces, I attempt to evoke a feeling of cliffs, rocks and deserts of the Southwest while incorporating designs based on ancient drawings.  My intention is not to duplicate the art of any culture, but to be influenced by it and to add my aesthetic to that history.
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