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Natural Forms in Clay

Instructor: Carol Gouthro | Mondays 9:30am-12:30pm | 1/5-3/9 | Register before November 28 - $315 | after November 28  - $335

Look to nature for inspiration in this handbuilding class. Experiment with organic or biomorphic forms using pods, corals, bulbs etc. as the springboard for your creations. We'll have lots of specimens and books to look at, and will explore many handbuiliding techniques and lively finishing options.

Beginning Handbuilding / Surface Decoration

Instructor: Carol Gouthro | Mondays 6:30pm-9:30pm | 1/5-3/9 | Register before November 28 - $315 | after November 28 - $335

Create colorful dishes for your home and totems to decorate your garden. We'll learn the basic handbuilding techniques and a thorough introduction to the wide spectrum of low-fire underglazes and glazes, as well as the enhancing tones of slips and stains. The sunny ceramic traditions of Mexico, Italy and Portugal will give us inspiration in color and pattern. All are welcome in this relaxed and friendly class.

Expressive Wheel

Instructor: Damian Grava | Tuesdays 10am-1pm | 1/6 - 3/10 | Register before November 28 -  $315 | after November 28  - $335

In this all-levels class, the beginning students will have a chance to get the basics under their belts.  The more seasoned students will have an opportunity to explore new altering techniques. Roll up your sleeves and hone your skills, all under the expert eye of a fine teacher. The focus this quarter is glaze combinations and decorating techniques.


The Expressive Portrait

Instructor: Tip Toland | Tuesdays 7-10pm | 1/6-3/10 |Register before November 28 - $400 | after November 28  - $420 (Note: Price includes all clay and model fees, but firing costs will be extra based on temperature range and number of firings.)

Working from one model for 8 weeks, we'll work life size in solid clay on a pipe armature. We will cover the anatomy of the face and neck relying on observation to bring about a believable animated portrait bust. There will be demonstrations throughout the class including the basics about gesture and facial expression. (The model will hold the same pose/expression for the full 8 weeks.) The last two weeks will be focused on cutting the clay off the armature, hollowing it out and rejoining the piece. All levels are welcome.

Build On This : A Beginning and Intermediate Wheel Class

Bill Wilcox Plate CeramicsInstructor: Bill Wilcox | Tuesdays 7-10pm | 1/6 - 3/10 | Register before November 28  - $315 | after November 28 -  $335

Learn wheelthrowing essentials in this thorough and engaging class. Nothing beats a solid grounding in the fundamentals of wedging, centering, opening, pulling, shaping, altering, trimming, and glazing. If you’ve always wanted to throw pots on the wheel (or maybe you did it a million years ago in school), this is the chance you’ve been waiting for!


Creative Handbuilding and Sculpture

Instructor: Bethany Woll | Wednesdays 10am-1pm | 1/7 - 3/11 | Register before November 28 - $315 | after November 28  - $335

Students new to clay will be taught of variety of handbuilding techniques, while returning students are given one-on-one coaching to evolve and develop their work, skills and ideas. Moving from simple projects to more complex forms, we’ll seek inspiration from many sources and finish our pieces with a myriad of glaze and surface options.

Think East, Think West : Wheel Throwing and Handbuilding

Instructor: Rob Fornell | Wednesdays 7-10pm | 1/7 - 3/11 | Register before November 28 - $315 | after November 28  - $335

Japanese pottery traditions provide a deep taproot for many potters. Whatever your skill level, you will learn new approaches to clay which stress sound wheel basics, hand building, and fluid decorating techniques. Rob will share from his extensive book and video collection from Japan, where he lived and worked for several years, to help you expand your ceramic vocabulary. Some previous experience with clay is helpful for this class.


Opposites Attract : A Handbuilding and Sculpture Class

Instructor: Kathleen Skeels | Thursdays 10am-1pm | 1/8 - 3/12 | Register before November 28 - $315 | after November 28  - $335

Try out some adventurous handbuilding projects using easy and forgiving porcelain and stoneware paper clays, combined with conventional porcelain and stoneware. Explore a variety of surface treatments including slips, oxides and underglazes with our without glazes. Draw and paint on the clay and revel in porcelain's amazing ability to take on textures. Everyone is welcome in this all level class.


Start Here : A Beginning Wheel Class

Instructor: Deborah Schwartzkopf | Saturdays 10am - 1pm | 1/10 - 3/14  | Register before November 28 - $315 | after November 28  - $335

Learn the basic fundamentals in this engaging and fun class, building each week on new skills and lots of practice. The wheel can be tricky to learn, but we’ll make it fun. Practice makes better. Glazing and firing will round out your introduction to the great world of the wheel. This is really a class for beginners, but if Saturdays is the only day you can use the studio, Deb will give more advanced students experience-appropriate guidance. All are welcome!


Basic Handbuilding and Sculpture

Instructor: George Rodriguez | Saturdays 10am-1pm | 1/10 - 3/14  | Register before November 28 - $315 | after November 28  - $335

Whether you want to build whimsical animals, flowerpots for your garden or serving dishes for your dining room, George will teach you the skills you need to bring your ideas to life. Coiling, slabbing, draping, slumping, texturing, decorating and glazing will all be demonstrated and explored. Join this fun and inviting class, no matter what your previous clay experience.



We look forward to seeing you in a class or workshop soon!

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