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Sign up as soon as possible. Classes fill on a first-come, first-served basis. Students will be registered upon receipt of full payment. Checks should be made out to Seward Park Clay Studio. We accept Visa or Mastercard.

Slip Casting and Handbuilding with Found Objects

Instructor: Carol Gouthro | Mondays 9:30am-12:30pm | 3/24-5/26 | Register before March 14th $305 | March 14th and after $325

Incorporate slip-cast objects with your handbuilding to enliven and expand your repertoire of forms. Using many examples and demonstrations, we’ll cast, cut, stack, build, rearrange and create beautiful new shapes. We’ll explore many finishing options for your functional and sculptural work. Open to students of all abilities, though some previous clay experience is helpful in this class.

Beginning Handbuilding and Surface Decoration

Instructor: Carol Gouthro | Mondays 6:30-9:30pm | 3/24-5/26 | Register before March 14th $305 | March 14th and after $325

Create colorful dishes for your home and totems to decorate your garden. We’ll learn basic handbuilding techniques and finishing options, and explore the wide spectrum of low-fire glazes, underglazes, slips and stains. The sunny ceramic traditions of Mexico, Italy and Portugal will give us inspiration in color and pattern. All are welcome in this relaxed and friendly class.

Expressive Wheel

Instructor: Damian Grava | Tuesdays 10am-1pm  | 3/25-5/27 | Register before March 14 $305 | March 14th and after $325

In this all-levels class, the beginning students will have a chance to get the basics under their belts.  The more seasoned students will work on individual projects.  Roll up your sleeves and hone your skills, all under the expert eye of a fine teacher. There will be many weekly demonstrations and all are encouraged to experiment!

Paper Clay Intensive

Instructor: Kathleen Skeels |Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm  | 3/25-5/27 | Register before March 14th $305 | March 14th and after $325

Explore the design possibilities of hand building or sculpting with paper clay.  Paper clay gives a very flexible approach to making, decorating and firing. .   Design comes naturally when both building and surface treatment happen at once.  Experiment with this flexible approach to clay.  You can build, glaze, paint, and draw, all before you fire. Or you can use already bisqued pieces and combine them with fresh clay. There are many novel possibilities to be explored. All levels of experience are welcome. We will use high-fire paper clay for handbuilding sculptures or vessels, firing in both gas and electric kilns.  Come try this creative new approach to ceramics.


Build On This: A Beginning and Intermediate Wheel Class

Bill Wilcox Plate CeramicsInstructor: Bill Wilcox | Tuesdays 7-10pm | 3/25-5/27 | Register before March 14th $305 | March 14th and after $325

Learn wheelthrowing essentials in this thorough and engaging class.  Nothing beats a solid grounding in the fundamentals of wedging, centering, opening, pulling, shaping, altering, trimming, and glazing.  If you’ve always wanted to throw pots on the wheel (or maybe you did it a million years ago in school), this is the chance you’ve been waiting for!


Creative Clay: A Handbuilding and Sculpture Class

Instructor: Bethany Woll | Wednesdays 10am-1pm | 3/26-5/28 | Register before March 14th $305 | March 14th and after $325

Inspiration can come from a wide variety of resources: nature, architecture, movement, other art/craft disciplines, etc. Students new to clay will be taught the basics of handbuilding and glazing; returning students will be coached to further evolve and develop their ideas and skills.

Think East, Think West

Instructor: Rob Fornell | Wednesdays  7-10pm |3/26-5/28 | Register before March 14th $305 | March 14th and after $325

Japanese pottery traditions provide a deep taproot for many potters.  Whatever your skill level, you will learn new approaches to clay which stress sound wheel basics, hand building, and decorating techniques. Rob will share from his extensive book and video collection from Japan, where he lived and worked for several years to help you expand your ceramic vocabulary. Some previous experience with clay would be helpful for this class.

START HERE: An Intro to Wheel Throwing & Handbuilding

Instructors: Mark Strom & Jen Mills | Saturdays 10-1pm | 3/29-5/31 | Register before March 14th $305| March 14th and after $325

This introductory level wheel class will give you the basic tools and techniques for making beautiful functional pottery.  We’ll round out your wheel experience with some handbuilding and the rich palette of stains and glazes.  Soon you’ll be hooked and your cupboards will be brimming with your own creations!  Beginners and students who need a refresher are very welcome in this class.

*Note  If Saturday is your only day to take a wheel class and you are not a beginner, please ask about being in this class.  The teachers can give you instruction based on your experience and goals.

Animal Nature: A Sculpture Class

Instructor: George Rodriguez | Saturdays 10am-1pm | 3/29-5/31  | Register before March 14th $305 | March 14th and after $325

Explore the rich possibilities of animal personality and spirit in this fun sculpture class.  Using basic hand building and modeling techniques, George will help guide you to the animal you want to make, and the persona you want it to express.   Various surface options to finish your work will be demonstrated and explored.

*if you want to sculpt something other than an animal, George is quite gifted at helping you with your projects, however animals will be his primary demonstration focus. If you have questions, please phone the office.



We look forward to seeing you in a class or workshop soon!

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