Bethany Woll

Bethany Woll

My approach to clay is intuitive and spontaneous in nature. I would not consider myself
a hand builder, sculpture or thrower. I am a believer in the idea that technique follows
ideas. This belief allows me the creative freedom to move freely and explore my ideas in

I am driven by an inherent need to create, which I satisfy through the process of
working in clay. Simply put, a love of making. While attending Islington College of Art
in London I was exposed to many different types of mediums. It was the fluid, tactile
quality that drew me to clay. In continuing with my Bachelors degree at Alfred
University, I learned the importance of technique and gained the ability to translate my
ideas into visual objects.

Inspiration for my work comes from many different directions. A functional piece may
arise form a meditative place, an observation of nature or simply the need to engage with
clay. My sculptural pieces tend to be more energetic and stem from a broader personal
narrative. Then there are those pieces which fall somewhere in between. All are of equal
importance to my creative process. canadian levitra 20mg

I seek balance in my work, both visually and personally. My pieces are a visual diary, a
direct reflection of a moment, an occurrence, or an observation of life, therefore an
ongoing process. other viagra names in canada cash advance quick

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